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Experience the difference with a company built by Insurance Agents, for Insurance Agents

Generating revenue for your business

The core of our business is built on generating revenue for our clients by providing high intent consumers that actually want to purchase what you're selling. At Lead Clinic, we've developed a meticulous process to guarantee you receive top-tier leads consistently, day in and day out.
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Why work with us over the "big" lead generation companies?

It is simple, we are delivering leads in a way that no one else can. While we may not be the “biggest” company in lead generation, we would put our processes up against those who claim they are “the best”. We promise, we do it better!

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  • Providing transparency for our clients through the use of advanced technology.

  • All purchased leads are screened for bots, time on page, valid phone number, and TCPA compliance. 

  • Ability to score the lead against insurance carrier rates to pinpoint the most competitive options.

  • Ensuring high consumer intent using advanced SMS communication technology.

  • Consistently using disposition data to provide you with a better product each and every time.

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Buying Leads Can Be Frustrating.

Buying leads can be a frustrating process. One of our biggest frustrations with auto insurance leads was the high amount of disconnected phone numbers.
We now check every lead we sell before we sell it to you, to make sure that the phone number is connected and in service.

Wasting Money On Candy Crush Leads?

When people run out of lives on Candy Crush, they get desperate. They may be incentivized to fill out a lead generation form to get an extra life or two in the game.
Are these the people you are trying to market to?