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Integrated Technology Partners

Lead Clinic seamlessly integrates with technology services that are used in everyday business practices. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously incorporate new integrations, guaranteeing an unparalleled standard of quality and efficiency for clients.

Preferred Disposition Data Partner

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Save time & money by using LeadSwami's custom-built reports to track closure, lead flow, and conversions.

Technical Integration Partners

Verse I.O.




Capture, engage, and convert more customers with SMS conversations.

Lead Manager


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Lead Manager is a lead management system for the exclusive use of Allstate agents. Lead Clinic's ability to post leads in Lead Manager is in no way an endorsement of Lead Clinic by Allstate. Lead Clinic encourages Allstate agents to review Allstate's marketing guidelines before working with any lead vendors.

Sales Force



We build bridges between companies and customers.

Agency Zoom


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You sell the policy. We automate the rest! Come fore the lead manager. Stay for everything else!

Lightspeed Quantum


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Automated sales performance tools that let you be amazing.





Wherever your leads come from, Quoteburst can help you quote faster - as much as 4,500 leads per day.




Data Integration Platform Connecting the Marketing Industry

Richochet 360

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The All-In-One Sales & Marketing Automation System

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Easily connects your tools, so you can multiply your team's impact.

Blitz (Double A Solutions)



Developing cutting-edge SaaS products allowing companies to automate and eliminate the manual activities.



Attract and convert new customers, automate your outreach, and build stronger relationships, all on one platform.

Little Giant Marketing


Little Giant Logo

We build, manage and report to make working leads easier.

Agency MVP


A complete, smart lead management system


Our human-guided AI helps your business create the ultimate sales engagement experience for your customers.



Conversational AI through text messaging to scale lead generation and call centers.



Join leaders in software, security and consulting as they help teams unlock their productivity potential and transform their businesses with Slack.


Everything your business needs to grow! All in one user friendly platform.


Thousands of businesses trust DYL to raise the productivity of their Marketing.


Dialer software that makes outreach more profitable.